5-24-10 Update-Indicators 1-2

Trend Change Trigger Cancelled

This post is an outdated message kept for historical reference – please refer to the more recent post for an update on indicator #2:

The new UP in Major Marketing Timing Indicator #2 did not trigger today, Monday 5-24-10, so the publisher will stand pat for at least another day.

The stock market fell back into an area where either an UP or DOWN is possible with a large move.  An UP trend appears more probable (not guaranteed) based on the pattern that is forming, but the market may drop further first.

For now, all pending “UP” and “DOWN” indicators for both Indicator #1 and #2 are cancelled – the publisher will wait another day to determine next steps.  If there is no posting for the next one or more days the holding pattern is continuing.

Tired of all of the back and forth?   We’ll always send an e-mail to registered subscribers if an indicator does change.

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