6-8-10 Indicator 2 Change Alert

Timing Indicator Change Alert


The Major Market Timing Indicator #2 will change to UP with an intraday break of S&P 500 1067 on Wednesday 6/9/10.  In other words, if the S&P 500 high for the day is over 1067, the indicator will change to “UP”.  The publisher will move most of his holdings to more aggressive funds with this indicator change.  

A new post will appear here Wednesday night by 10PM with an update – please check back. 

If Indicator #2 does change to “UP”, we will publish a formal “stop loss” level used by the publisher for the position.  (Google search “stop loss order” if you aren’t familiar with this concept).   The stop loss level will be S&P 500 1039 – meaning a close of the market below 1039 will likely trigger a “DOWN” signal in Indicator #2.