7-1-10 Indicator 1 Change Alert

Market Timing Indicator Change Alert

The Major Market Timing Indicator #1 will change to DOWN with a close of the S&P 500 BELOW 1028 on Thursday 7/1/10 or Friday 7/2/10.

Although a “DOWN” indicator change could be triggered on Thursday, the Friday monthly US jobs report may cause a large upward or downward move on Friday.

An update will be posted here Thursday evening 7/1/10 or over the weekend.  A second e-mail notification won’t be provided if the indicator #1 does change to DOWN – please check back here for further updates.

Please note that the publisher is not currently using Indicator #1, and is instead using Indicator #2 for all of his investments:

  • Indicator #2 is much quicker to respond to market moves than Indicator #1, but Indicator #2 requires more account management and a shorter term investing approach.
  • Indicator #1 may be suitable for very long term investing situations.