6-30-2011 Market Indicator Change Alert

On Thursday 6/30/2011 a new “UP” trend was indicated in Major Market Indicator #1; however, the change comes after 4 straight days of gains in the S&P 500, and a very short term indicator I watch (non-published) is indicating that a small pull back is likely.

We’ll wait until our short-term indicator is also indicating “UP” to change the Major Market Indicator #1 to “UP”. In the meanwhile we’ll display the indicator as “UP Pending”.  I will send an e-mail when the indicator changes.

It appears relatively safe to move some funds into stock funds during the “UP Pending” stage, and I will do so myself – particularly on any “down” market day.

I plan to be in 100% stock funds once Indicator #1 moves to “UP”. Bond/cash funds are risky now, as Bonds appear very overpriced and the US dollar is at risk of further decline.