10-30-2011 Market Indicator Change Alert

The Major Market Timing Indicator #1 will change to UP with a confirming move above S&P 500 1300 sometime in the next few days. A confirming move typically requires 2 closes above 1300, but we’ll wait to publish the indicator change based on market action. End of year rallies have been strong in a majority of the last 15 years – there is a good chance of an upward move if Indicator #1 does change to “UP”.  It’s also possible that the market will fall a bit from here, in which case the “pending” change would be cancelled.

A new post will appear here Monday or Tuesday by 10PM US Eastern time with an update – please check back.

Note we’ve also established a “stop loss” level for Major Market Indicator #2 at S&P 500 1255. A break below 1255 would likely cause the publisher to close existing positions.