About 401k Trend

  • 401k Trend provides entry-exit alerts that identify some market trends.
  • The strategy is to preserve capital during risk of downtrends and enter positions when upward moves are more likely.
  • The alerts work outside of 401k accounts using ETF’s, mutual funds, and some stocks.
  • Not sure if it’s for you?  Monitor the web site alerts for several months to learn more.


Why Did I Create 401k Trend?

I managed my 401k performance poorly during and after the “dot-com” market crash from 2000-2004.  In 2005 I searched for tools to enter/exit mutual funds – specifically for my 401k.  I found many tools for short-term traders, but little for those who simply want help managing their 401k accounts.   I realized that professional traders were capitalizing on the poor practices of individual 401k participants and other retail investors.  After reading up on the techniques that professional Wall Street traders use, I spent hundreds of hours developing, testing, & tuning computer trading rules, eventually creating the 401k Trend system and web site in 2006.

Since 2006 I have piloted the system in real-time market conditions with my own investments, made some slight adjustments, and introduced a short-term indicator in 2008.  I am careful to maintain the quality of the 401k Trend system, its rules for indicator changes, and real-world application in the stock market.   I spend an hour every evening reviewing the days market action and inspecting each indicator trigger, and spend time over most weekends working on the web site or reviewing the system.

I’ve watched the indicators perform for five years now.  Although I still consider them experimental, I have gained high confidence in the 401k Trend  indicators and risk all of my holdings with them.  Recent indicator changes are strengthening my confidence:  The January 2008 “DOWN” signal before the financial market collapse, the March 2009 “UP” signal two days after the decade low, and the February 2010 “UP” signal just off the early 2010 low.  My 401k returns have substantially improved as a result of the 401k Trend system.

My primary goal in creating the system was to manage my own account, but I realized that other individual investors could also benefit from the system and help build a better tool over time.

I added the blog in 2010 as a community to share ideas on strategies for managing 401k accounts.   I hope there will be significant interest in the blog, with many constructive discussions, and even a few guest articles.    Please contact me if you are interested in publishing a guest article.

Mr. Michael Hanton,

Publisher, 401k Trend