I could not have created the 401ktrend system and web site without all of the support!……

The most THANKS go to my wife Stacey for putting up with me spending thousands of hours with my nose in a laptop creating & maintaining the system.   I greatly appreciate your support!

Extra thanks to my early subscribers, who helped shape the web site with their questions and comments!

Special thanks to Stuart Wider at for providing the fabulous tools and super customer service that I used to create the next generation 401ktrend web site in 2010!

Thanks to the authors whose books helped develop my investing skills and optimize my 401k and ETF trading system, especially Dr. Alexander Elder, John Bogel, and Richard W. Arms, Jr.  

Thanks to the other great service providers I use to support the system, web site, and my investing:,,,, and

Less Thanks To:

Dell Computer, for the poor support, lack of accountability, and apparent design problems that caused frequent crashes on my brand new Dell Studio laptop.  We hope you get better.